Naruto Figurine

Introducing the Deidara Vibration Stars Figurine by Banpresto, this 13 cm PVC collectible captures the essence of the character Deidara, the S-rank defector from the Vill...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Produced by the prestigious brand Banpresto, the 13 cm Uchiha Sasuke figurine from the Effectreme range is a must-have for any collector or fan of Naruto Shippuden. Made ...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

The Naruto Uzumaki figurine from Banpresto's Effectreme range is a true treasure for any collector or fan of Naruto Shippuden. Standing at approximately 14 cm tall, this ...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

At the heart of the Naruto Shippuden universe is the 14 cm Itachi Uchiha (Ver. A) figurine from the Q-Posket collection by Banpresto. This unique figure is not only a det...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Dive into the world of Naruto Shippuuden with this elegantly designed Kakashi Hatake figurine. Measuring 15 cm, this collectible piece is the result of a collaboration be...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Immerse yourself in the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN universe with this meticulously designed Kakashi figurine, part of the SFC range. The figure captures Kakashi, the legendary Team...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Abystyle Studio

Introducing the enigmatic Itachi Uchiha to your collection, the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Itachi Figurine from ABYstyle Studio's Super Figure Collection is a masterpiece. Crafted ...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Abystyle Studio

An integral part of the legendary Team 7 from Naruto Shippuden, the Sakura PVC figurine stands at a height of 13 cm and brings a refreshing dimension to your collection. ...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Abystyle Studio

Elevate your collection to unparalleled heights with the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Naruto Figurine by Abystyle Studio. This stunning 17 cm tall piece is crafted at a 1/10th scale....

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Abystyle Studio

Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto's great rival and friend, joins ABYstyle Studio's Super Figure Collection. Captured in a dynamic running pose, this 17 cm PVC figurine, scaled at 1/...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Abystyle Studio

Dive into the fascinating world of Naruto with this incredible 12 cm Uchiha Sasuke figurine. Designed by Banpresto and part of the coveted Effectrem collection, this PVC ...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Immerse yourself in the epic world of Naruto Shippuden with this 14 cm articulated Naruto Uzumaki figurine. Made from high-quality PVC and hand-cast, this collectible fig...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Immerse yourself in the world of Boruto with the 16 cm Naruto Uzumaki figurine, a stylish part of the Shinobi Relations series by Banpresto. Made from high-quality PVC, t...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Introducing the Naruto Uzumaki figurine in the "The Jinchuuriki Entrusted with Hope" version, an exceptional piece from the S.H. Figuarts collection. This 14 cm figurine,...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Sh Figuarts

Discover the Uchiha Sasuke Vibration Stars III Figurine by Banpresto, a 13 cm PVC collectible based on one of the most dynamic and controversial characters from the Narut...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

This 27 cm Uzumaki Naruto Figurine from Banpresto is a true collector's piece for fans of Naruto Shippuden. Part of the Grandista Nero Manga Dimensions line, the figurine...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

The 15 cm Rock Lee Figurine from Banpresto's Vibration Stars line is an essential piece for all Naruto fans. Aimed at those aged 14 and up, this PVC representation of Roc...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Immerse yourself in the world of shinobi with Banpresto's Vibration Stars - Naruto - Uchiha Itachi II Figurine. Exquisitely crafted from high-quality PVC, this 16 cm figu...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Sasuke Uchiha, the stoic warrior from the Naruto series, is beautifully represented in this 14 cm figurine from the Vibration Stars series by Banpresto. Aimed at fans age...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Immerse yourself in the world of Anime Naruto with the Shippuden Kakashi Ninja Figure from the ZKTSRY brand. This 18 cm tall PVC figure is much more than a mere collectib...

Naruto Figurine Certified professional

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Dive into the world of ninjas with our exceptional collection of Naruto figurines!

From the legendary Naruto and Sasuke to iconic figures like Kakashi and Itachi, our "Naruto figurine" booth at MangaKif is designed to fully satisfy all fans of this cult series. Each model is sculpted with incredible meticulousness, paying tribute to the essence of each character and the nuances that make them unique. Whether you are a long-time enthusiast or a new fan captivated by the ninja universe, our Naruto statues are an indispensable addition to any serious manga collection. Offering a wide range of choices, from simple articulated models to detailed statuettes, there is a piece for every fan and every budget. Don't wait any longer to add these must-have pieces of art to your collection!

The Epic of an Extraordinary Ninja!

From the beginning, Naruto Uzumaki has charmed us with his vivacity and his dream of becoming the Hokage. This often underestimated young ninja showed the world his true worth and won the love of millions of fans.
Created by Masashi Kishimoto, the Naruto saga is much more than a manga series. It's a cultural phenomenon that shares life lessons, ninja wisdom, and the values of friendship. Indeed, Naruto is an essential element of manga culture thanks to its rich universe, complex characters, and deep themes. This work is recognized and appreciated for the beauty of its storytelling and the finesse of its art.
So, are you ready to explore this fascinating universe anew and meet your favorite heroes in a new form with our exceptional collection from the "Naruto figurines" booth?

Figurines for Everyone: Embody Your Heroes!

MangaKif opens the doors to a varied universe where each Naruto figurine tells a story, reflects a character, and arouses emotion. From iconic main characters such as Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, to secondary characters that add depth and diversity to this universe, our collection knows no limits.

Whatever your preferred scale or the pose that excites you, you will find the piece that is missing from your collection or that will mark the beginning of a new adventure!

Each model displayed in this booth is a masterpiece in itself. The materials used are carefully chosen to ensure durability and aesthetics, and the finishes are executed with remarkable precision. The attention to detail transforms each model into a work of art, ready to captivate and inspire.

Meeting the Heroes of Naruto

Each piece is a reminder of the values, battles, and iconic moments of the series. Browse our selection and find the character that resonates the most with you among:

Naruto Uzumaki

The main character of the series, Naruto, dreams of becoming the greatest Hokage to earn the respect and love of the villagers. His figurine captures the spirit and energy of the most stubborn and determined ninja in manga history.

Sasuke Uchiha

Friend and rival of Naruto, Sasuke seeks vengeance against those who destroyed his family. The Sasuke figurines illustrate the elegance, mystery, and dark power of this talented ninja.

Sakura Haruno

Member of Team 7 along with Naruto and Sasuke, Sakura is determined and strong, with an affinity for healing. Her statues highlight her determination and her evolution as a medical ninja.

Kakashi Hatake

The mentor of Team 7, Kakashi, is known for his Copying Sharingan and calm leadership. His statues reflect his discreet charisma and impressive power.

Itachi Uchiha

Older brother of Sasuke and a complex character, Itachi Uchiha is marked by tragedy and shadow. His statues capture his mystery, melancholy, and silent strength.

Other Characters

Also discover at Manga Kif a host of secondary characters, each with a distinct story and personality, adding depth and diversity to your collection: Neji Hyuga, Gaara, Orochimaru, Hinata Hyuga, etc.

How to Choose the Right Naruto Figurine?

Choosing the right Naruto figurine is not always easy, given the diversity and quality of the options available. To help you make the right choice, here are some criteria to consider:

Define Your Collection Goal

Before diving into the exciting world of Naruto figurines, ask yourself what you are looking for. Are you new to this universe and want to start a collection? Or have you been collecting for a while and are looking for rare pieces to enhance your collection? Defining your goal will help you make the right choices and be truly happy with your purchases.

Identify Your Favorite Characters

This series is full of fascinating, diverse characters. So, take a moment to think about which ones are closest to your heart. Do you want a figurine of Naruto Uzumaki performing his iconic Rasengan, or do you prefer the calculated coolness of Sasuke Uchiha? Determining your preferences will make your search even more enjoyable.

Examine the Quality and Details

A high-quality piece is an investment that brings long-term joy and satisfaction. Look closely at the materials, details, and whether the design truly resembles the original characters. Don't forget to favor well-known brands to avoid counterfeits. By being careful, you are sure to find something that will make you proud.

Look for Limited Editions and Exclusives

For collectors looking for something exceptional, keeping an eye on limited editions and exclusives is essential. These rare pieces add invaluable value to your collection and reflect your passion for this universe.

Set a Budget

The variety of available Naruto figurines also means a wide range of prices. Setting a budget can help you narrow down your options and make a wise choice, while fully enjoying your collection.

Happy hunting, future Hokage!