Attack on Titan Figures

The Eren Jaeger figure from Funko Pop! is a gem for all "Attack on Titan" enthusiasts. Precision-made and crafted from high-grade, durable vinyl, it's designed to stand t...

Attack on Titan Figures Certified professional Funko

WANSHI presents the action figure of Mikasa Ackerman, a pivotal character from the globally acclaimed series, Attack on Titan. Crafted with a distinctive design and impec...

Attack on Titan Figures Certified professional

The Assaulting Titan statuette from the Attack on Titan series is a PVC work of art, finely crafted by XESAGSNV. | Made of eco-friendly PVC material | Dimensions: 14cm×12...

Attack on Titan Figures Certified professional

The Funko Pop figure featuring Captain Levi Ackerman from "Attack on Titan" not only stands out for its special edition but also for its high-quality craftsmanship. This ...

Attack on Titan Figures Certified professional Funko

Funko, a leading brand in pop culture merchandise, introduces the Ymir vinyl figure from the Attack on Titan anime. Crafted from high-quality durable vinyl, this collecti...

Attack on Titan Figures Certified professional Funko

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Beyond the Wall: A booth entirely dedicated to the Attack on Titan figurines

Dive into the post-apocalyptic universe of Shingeki no Kyojin with our captivating collection of Attack on Titan figurines. From the brave Eren to the fearsome Colossal Titan, each piece tells a story, a battle, an emotion. And for fans, it's obviously more than just an item; it's a piece of the story that shook the manga world. At this booth, our certified sellers offer a wide range of SNK figurines, including rare items, limited editions, and even exclusives. Each model is checked to ensure its quality and authenticity. We invite you to be swept away by the passion and fine detail of these miniaturized works of art: a collection that truly deserves a special place in our fan hearts.

From Titans to Figurines: A Monumental Odyssey

The story unfolds in a world where humans are trapped by large walls, threatened by massive creatures called Titans. It portrays a fervent struggle for survival and freedom. Humans are on the brink of extinction, and their hope lies in determined fighters like Eren Jaeger, who aspire to explore beyond the walls.
Since its debut, Attack on Titan has continuously captivated manga fans with its gripping tale and unforgettable characters. Born from the imagination of Hajime Isayama, this saga quickly rose to fame, firmly establishing itself in the manga landscape. With its deep themes and detailed illustrations, this work is not only a survival story but also a reflection on the human condition.
Initially popular in Asia, this work quickly gained influence internationally, becoming a cultural icon, particularly thanks to its animated adaptation. Reflecting this global fervor, figurines, once regarded as mere toys, are now symbols of popular culture, embodying the art and passion of manga.

Heroes Who Broke the Wall: Character Gallery

The "Attack on Titan" universe is sprinkled with unforgettable characters, whose destinies are closely tied to the history of humanity behind the walls. Here are some of these heroes:

Eren Jaeger

The adventure begins with Eren, a young boy driven by an unwavering will to eradicate the Titans after witnessing the horrifying sight of his hometown's destruction. With a burning desire for freedom and an iron will, he is more than just a protagonist in this saga; he embodies humanity's resistance against oppression.

Mikasa Ackerman

Behind her stoic gaze and unmatched mastery of the so-called "three-dimensional maneuver gear", Mikasa has unwavering loyalty to Eren. Orphaned at a young age, she was adopted by the Jaeger family and formed an unbreakable bond with Eren. She is a formidable fighter, displaying agility and superhuman strength on the battlefield.

Armin Arlert

While physically less imposing than his companions, Armin more than makes up for it with his sharp intelligence and strategic planning. His analytical mind, coupled with a deep understanding of human nature, makes him a voice of reason in the toughest times. Armin dreams of seeing the outside world, and this curiosity drives the trio in their quest for truth beyond the walls.

Levi Ackerman

Levi, often considered the most talented of the soldiers, is the leader of the Survey Corps. It's his composure, exceptional skills with the three-dimensional maneuver gear, and innate sense of leadership that set him apart from other soldiers. His dark and mysterious past, combined with his unwavering commitment to humanity, makes him all the more intriguing.

Historia Reiss

Once known as Krista Lenz, Historia is the true heir to the royal throne within the walls. Her transformation from a seemingly fragile girl to a strong and determined queen is one of the most significant character developments in the series.

Jean Kirstein

Originally from the Trost district, Jean starts off as a young man looking to avoid the dangers of the frontline. However, after witnessing the reality of their world, he becomes a dedicated member of the Survey Corps, often bringing a realistic and pragmatic perspective to situations.

Sasha Blouse

Better known as the "Potato Girl", Sasha is loved for her food-loving and quirky personality. But behind her fun character is a skilled marksman who has repeatedly proven herself in battle against the Titans.

Connie Springer

From the village of Ragako, Connie often serves as the comic relief alongside Sasha. However, his personal journey, particularly concerning his family, adds depth to his character, showcasing a more serious and determined side of him.

Erwin Smith

Commander of the Survey Corps, Erwin is an excellent strategist. His bold decisions and belief in humanity's ability to overcome challenges define him as a true leader.

Hanji Zoe

With her insatiable curiosity about the Titans, Hanji is both a passionate scientist and a competent officer. Her enthusiasm and unconventional approach provide a glimmer of hope and humor, even in the darkest moments.

Higher than the Wall: Selection Criteria to Choose the Right Attack on Titan Figure

The world of Shingeki no Kyojin (SNK) is both rich and captivating, taking us on a whirlwind of emotions and adventures. Owning a piece of it becomes a no-brainer, especially for the most passionate among us. And to help you choose the right Attack on Titan figure, MangaKif has taken the time to prepare some practical advice:

The Importance of Space

The heights of the Walls of Maria, Rose, and Sina pale in comparison to the space your figure might take up in your area. Indeed, like the Titans, figures come in different sizes. From the colossal titan to the desktop figure, choose according to the space you have at home.

Authenticity Above All

Just as one might spot a titan hidden among humans, it's crucial to distinguish between authentic items and replicas. Official figures feature details true to the anime or manga. Also, it's worth noting that the best figures often come with a certificate of authenticity.

Durability & Aesthetics

In SNK, walls must be sturdy to protect humanity. Similarly, a figure should be durable to stand the test of time. Indeed, the materials used, such as PVC, resin, or ABS, each have their own benefits. It's essential to find the right balance between durability and aesthetics. Moreover, a careful finish typically indicates a quality figure. And to make an informed choice, it's advised to check reviews and feedback to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Behind Every Figure, a Creator

Just as every member of the Survey Corps matters, each figure creator is significant. A brand's reputation can often act as a barometer to gauge the quality of its creations: it's vital to research and get information about the brand beforehand. Also, feedback from other collectors is invaluable. They can guide you towards the best manufacturers.