Dragon Ball Z Figurine

The Bandai Giant Limit Breaker Super Saiyan Goku Blue 30cm Figurine is a masterpiece for all Dragon Ball collectors. This collector's figurine, from the famous Dragon Bal...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Bandai

Dive into the fantastic universe of Dragon Ball with the Bandai Dragon Stars Super Saiyan Broly Figurine. Measuring 17 cm, this collector's item number 36190 is a treasur...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Bandai

Explore the world of Dragon Ball with the 17 cm Dragon Star Figurine representing Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, an essential collector's item for fans. Originating from the i...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Bandai

Immerse yourself in the universe of Dragon Ball Super with the Bandai Giant Freezer 30 cm Figurine. Part of the exclusive Limit Breaker collection, this collector's figur...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Bandai

Experience the power and intensity of the iconic character from the Dragon Ball Z universe with the 20 cm Goku Black vol.8 figurine. Manufactured by Banpresto, this colle...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Immerse yourself in the universe of Dragon Ball Super with the Jumbo Pop Figure No. 1284 - Super Saiyan Rosé Black Goku. This unique collectible piece, from the famous Fu...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Funko

Immerse yourself in the universe of Dragon Ball Super with the Bardock Blood of Saiyans figurine, a meticulously detailed masterpiece by Banpresto. Measuring approximatel...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Embrace the power and energy of Son Gohan with the 17 cm DXF Ultimate Figurine by Banpresto. This collectible piece, under the official Dragon Ball license, stunningly re...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Coming from the iconic SH Figuarts brand, this 14 cm Son Goku Figurine is a vibrant homage to the rich and captivating universe of Dragon Ball Super. With its official li...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Sh Figuarts

Discover the power and malice of one of the most iconic antagonists with the History Box Freezer Figurine by Banpresto. This 13 cm figurine, accurately depicting Freezer,...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Relive the epic moments of Dragon Ball Z with the 18 cm Son Gohan Ssj figurine by Banpresto. Under the official Dragon Ball Z license, this exceptional collectible piece ...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Capturing the heroic quest of one of the most iconic characters in Dragon Ball Z, the Majin Vegeta - Solid Edge Works Figurine by Banpresto is a masterpiece of collecting...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Capturing the essence of the Saiyan warrior, the Son Gohan SSJ Blood of Saiyans Figurine is a must-have collectible for aficionados of Dragon Ball. Under the renowned bra...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Immerse yourself in the universe of Dragon Ball with this 20 cm Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black Figurine from the Solid Edge Works Vol.8 collection by Banpresto. Faithfully ...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Experience the power and energy of The Vegito with this exceptional figurine from the Gx Materia collection by Banpresto. Standing 17 cm tall, it accurately represents on...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Banpresto

Imbued with power and determination, the Vegeta SUPER HERO figure from Sh Figuarts is a treasure for any Dragon Ball Z enthusiast. Standing 14 cm tall, this PVC figure fa...

Dragon Ball Z Figurine Certified professional Sh Figuarts

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From the quest for the Dragon Balls to the Saiyan duels, relive this saga at our "Dragon Ball Z Figurine" stand!

Dive into the epic adventure of Dragon Ball Z with our exceptional collection of Dragon Ball Z figurines. From Goku to Vegeta, through Freezer and Cell, our exclusive selection offers you the best of the DBZ universe. Each piece is meticulously designed to faithfully represent the iconic heroes of this legendary series.

Our expert merchants, who are true enthusiasts, have handpicked for you a diversified collection that will satisfy both the fascinated beginner and the connoisseur looking for that unique piece to complete their collection. Every item on offer evokes an epic of challenges, transformations, and unbreakable bonds. Relive the intensity of the duel between Vegeta and Goku, Gohan's determination against Cell, or the contagious joviality of Krillin.

Whether you've been a fan for years or are new to the series, our DBZ figurines are the perfect addition to any collection. With options ranging from articulated action models to detailed statuettes, our stand will meet the expectations of every enthusiast.

Saiyans, crystal balls, and figurines: the Dragon Ball Z epic

When discussing the manga universe, few sagas can boast the global magnitude of Dragon Ball Z. From Roshi's island to the far reaches of space, this epic has touched generation after generation.

It all started with a young monkey-tailed boy named Goku, inspired by a Chinese novel called "Journey to the West". Akira Toriyama's genius turned this story into an epic of combat, friendship, and quest. Over time, the series expanded, introducing us to Saiyan warriors, thrilling combat tournaments, and memorable antagonists, making DBZ a staple of manga.

But the reach of this work goes well beyond its pages. Its cultural influence is undeniable. Phrases like "It's over 9000!" have become global memes. The saga has inspired movies, video games, and even theme park attractions. Worldwide, fans of all ages proudly wear t-shirts and caps featuring their favorite heroes.

And of course, one of the coolest ways to celebrate this saga is through Dragon Ball Z figurines. Initially simple toys for children, these miniature pieces of art quickly became genuine collectibles. From basic models to high-end detailed pieces, their evolution mirrors the journey of the saga itself. Today, whether it's a Super Saiyan Goku mid-transformation or a menacing Frieza, each replica captures an iconic moment, allowing fans to hold a piece of this legend in their hands.

Cosmic Warrior Spotlight: The Faces of Dragon Ball Z

This universe is rich with characters whose intertwined destinies weave a story that has enchanted the entire world.


Originally from the planet Vegeta, this Saiyan with a golden heart is the central figure of this saga. His insatiable thirst for learning and combat has led him to confront and overcome the greatest threats of the universe. Possessing childlike innocence and unwavering determination, Goku embodies a warrior who believes in goodness and second chances.


The Prince of Saiyans and initially Goku's rival, his steadfast pride and determination led him down the path of redemption. From the pride of a prince to the love of a father and husband, Vegeta reflects transformation and perseverance.


A prodigious child, Gohan inherited the Saiyan's fighting spirit and his mother's gentleness. His rise to power against foes like Cell showcases his ability to draw upon his inner strength, even while torn between his peaceful wishes and his duty to protect.


Once Goku's enemy, this Namekian warrior became one of his most loyal allies. A mentor and father figure to Gohan, Piccolo's growth from initial solitude to brotherhood with Earth's defenders is an ode to friendship and redemption.


Despite his human nature and often being overshadowed by the cosmic powers at play, Krillin's bravery, unwavering loyalty, and cunning mind have frequently placed him at the heart of the action, proving that heroism isn't measured by sheer power alone.


More than just Goku's childhood friend, Bulma is the brilliant mind behind many inventions that have aided our heroes. Her curiosity, intelligence, and audacity make her a cornerstone of the team.

Frieza, Cell & Buu

Each in their own way, these antagonists have defined eras of the series. Frieza with his tyrannical reign, Cell as the embodiment of perfection, and Buu as the manifestation of chaos. They mirror the darkness against which our heroes battle.

The Art of Collecting Dragon Ball Z Figurines

Diving into this universe is an unforgettable experience, but owning a piece of it is something magical. Collecting Dragon Ball Z figurines isn't just a passion; it's an art.

Each piece is both a memento of the series' pivotal moments and a potential investment, as its value might increase over time. For newcomers, it's crucial to research before buying to know the authenticity and rarity of the item, protect the collection from light and dust, engage with other collectors, and ensure you avoid counterfeits by buying from reliable sources.

Iconic collections like "Master Stars Piece" offer detailed models of characters in recognizable poses, while the "SH Figuarts" series is loved for its character accuracy and ability to recreate fans' favorite scenes.

In the end, collecting "Dragon Ball Z" figurines is a blend of nostalgia, artistic admiration, and investment. Whether you've been a long-time admirer or a new fan, this passion is a unique way to cherish and relive the saga's iconic moments. Embrace this passion and let these pieces immerse you in this captivating universe.

How to Choose Your Dragon Ball Z Figurine

Just as Goku had to select his magic staff or Bulma her best invention, picking the perfect Dragon Ball Z figurine requires attention and discernment. But don't worry, even if you can't see the future like Trunks, these MangaKif tips will guide you to make the wisest choice.

Space, the Figurines' Battlefield

Before adopting a legendary warrior in figurine form, ensure you have ample space to display it properly. Just as the vast world of DBZ, your figurines deserve a place worthy of their greatness.

Authentic Editions, the Super Saiyans' Seal

Beware of imitations. Just as the Z fighters had to outsmart the doubles created by the series' villains, be sure not to be fooled by counterfeits. Look for verification marks, certificates of authenticity, or official packaging to ensure you're getting an original product.

Materials and Durability, a Saiyan's Endurance

Goku has survived many battles due to his resilience, and similarly, a quality figurine should stand the test of time. Check the materials used. PVC or resin figurines are typically durable and detailed.

Brand and Manufacturer, the Master Roshi of Production

Just as Master Roshi trained our heroes, the right manufacturer sculpts and brings these figurines to life with expertise. Seek renowned brands in the figurine world, such as Banpresto or SH Figuarts, to ensure you're getting a top-quality piece.