Vinland Saga Volume 11: Threatened Freedom and Vengeances

Thorfinn and Einar see freedom approaching, while threats accumulate.

  • Thorfinn and Einar's efforts bear fruit
  • Master Sverker's fragile health
  • The tragic massacre of the neighboring farm by a vengeful slave
  • The looming shadow from Jelling, the capital
  • The unforeseen dangers of the quest for freedom
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EAN 9782351427828
Authors Makoto Yukimura
Publisher Kurokawa
Weight 180 g
Release date -
Volume 11
Number of pages 192
Format 13.2 x 18.4 x 1.6 cm
Shipped From France
Remark FR Version

Description - Vinland Saga Volume 11: Threatened Freedom and Vengeances

In an atmosphere filled with hope, Thorfinn and Einar, through their hard work, come closer each day to the much-desired freedom. However, the environment around them is far from idyllic. The declining health of old Master Sverker adds another concern to their already busy daily lives. Moreover, a disturbing event occurs on a neighboring farm: Carrock, the owner, and his family fall victim to the vengeful wrath of a humiliated slave, plunging the region into fear and distrust. While this tragedy might be enough to destabilize Ketil's farm, a bigger and more distant threat begins to emerge from Jelling, the heart of the Danish kingdom. In this tense atmosphere, Thorfinn is led to reassess his priorities and face new challenges.

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