Welcome to the Bubble Shop, the ideal destination for all comics and manga enthusiasts. Bubble has a clear mission: to enable every reader, from the beginner to the seasoned collector, to celebrate and deepen their love for reading.

1. Why Choose Bubble?

Wondering why Bubble is the go-to platform for comics and manga lovers? Here are some compelling reasons that make this platform the perfect choice for nurturing and managing your passion:

Flexible and Responsible Shopping Options

Bubble collaborates with an exclusive network of 100 specialized partner bookstores, offering responsible buying options that include Click & Collect, parcel locker delivery, or home delivery.

Outstanding Customer Service

Bubble's team is always ready to assist you. Have a question? A simple interaction via instant messaging is all it takes to get a quick response.

Optimized Collection Management

Bubble's collection management tool, accessible online and via mobile app, makes organizing your library a breeze.

Tailored Recommendations

Bubble offers targeted selections, expert reviews, and new release suggestions, ensuring you'll always find something to enjoy.

An Engaged Community

With Bubble, you join a vibrant community of 250,000 users, enriched with 400,000 reviews and comments. Weekly articles on their blog are your perfect guide to discovering your next favorites.

2. What Are Bubble's Commitments?

Curious about what sets Bubble apart in the bustling world of comics and manga? Discover the key commitments that make Bubble a determined player for a more equitable and reader-centric book world.

Responsible Purchasing

Bubble partners exclusively with hand-picked bookstores, offering reliable Click & Collect service thanks to always-synchronized stock.

Assured Quality

Bubble meticulously checks the quality of books shipped and packages each order with the utmost care.

Average response time 48 H

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See directly on the Bubble website

See directly on the Bubble website