Vinland Saga Volume 5: Knut's Winter and Askeladd's Ambition

The winter of 1013 paralyzes Knut's army, forcing a stop in an English village, scene of a ruthless act by Askeladd to protect their secret.

  • England under snow
  • The village's sacrifice for discretion
  • Askeladd's dark plans
  • The desired transformation of Knut
  • A dream of ascent and power
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EAN 9782351423592
Authors Makoto Yukimura
Publisher Kurokawa
Weight 187 g
Volume 5
Number of pages 204
Format 13.0 x 18.3 x 1.8 cm
Shipped From France
Remark FR Version

Description - Vinland Saga Volume 5: Knut's Winter and Askeladd's Ambition

In 1013, England, covered in a blanket of snow, becomes a major obstacle for Knut's army. Their advance is halted, and they are forced to temporarily settle in an English village. Askeladd, always strategic and determined to protect his army's position, makes a shocking decision by eliminating all the village inhabitants. This act of cruelty shows the lengths Askeladd is willing to go to achieve his ambitions. In the heart of this icy cold, Askeladd harbors a grand dream and to realize it, he plans to mold the young Prince Knut into a formidable leader, able to impose his will and lead his people to glory. The story in volume 5 delves into the intrigue and sacrifices necessary for power, while exploring the transformation of an innocent young prince into a ruthless warrior.

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