Berserk Volume 17: The Misty Valley by Kentarō Miura

In the 17th volume of Berserk, Guts, after his aerial battle, confronts the Holy Chain Knights.

  • Author: Kentarō Miura
  • Publisher: Glenat
  • An intense quest for vengeance
  • Epic battle in the Valley of Mists
  • Confrontations with demonic forces
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EAN 9782723454407
Authors Kentarō Miura
Publisher Glenat
Weight 195 g
Volume 17
Number of pages 240
Format 13.0 x 18.0 x 1.6 cm
Shipped From France
Remark FR Version

Description - Berserk Volume 17: The Misty Valley by Kentarō Miura

Two years after the tragic fate of the Band of the Falcon, Guts embarks determinedly on a quest for revenge. Following a breathtaking battle against the apostle Rosine, he finds himself in the Misty Valley, exhausted and vulnerable. But the threat doesn't stop there. The Holy Iron Chain Knights, a group sent by the Papacy, stand in his way. Guts is tested, not only by these ruthless warriors but also by the temptation of demonic creatures that emerge at nightfall. The plot thickens when Farnese, leader of the Knights, questions her own faith through the prism of Guts' fate.

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