Attack on Titan Volume 18: Reconquest of Wall Maria

After cleansing the government, the Survey Corps initiates the operation to recover Wall Maria. With Eren's new hardening ability and revolutionary luminescent ore, they are well-equipped. However, adversaries like Reiner, Bertolt, and the Beast Titan eagerly await them.

  • Ambitious mission to recover the wall
  • Eren's hardening ability as an asset
  • Advantage of luminescent ore
  • Threatening presence of Reiner and Bertolt
  • The Beast Titan lying in ambush
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EAN 9782811625948
Authors Hajime Isayama
Publisher Pika
Weight 185 g
Release date -
Volume 18
Number of pages 192
Format 12.0 x 18.0 x 1.7 cm
Shipped From France

Description - Attack on Titan Volume 18: Reconquest of Wall Maria

In this eighteenth volume of Attack on Titan, the plot reaches a crucial turning point. The Survey Corps, buoyed by its recent political victories, turns to a critical mission: the recapture of Wall Maria. Equipped with a unique hardening ability, Eren becomes a key element of this operation. Meanwhile, an innovative luminescent ore offers nocturnal mobility, broadening strategic horizons. However, as optimism rises, menacing shadows loom. Reiner, Bertolt, and the formidable Beast Titan prepare their counter-offensive, promising intense and unpredictable confrontations.

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