Attack on Titan Volume 21: Sacrifices and Discoveries

Erwin and Armin have made the ultimate sacrifice in the battle against Reiner, Bertolt, and the Beast Titan. With these defeated adversaries, the survivors stand at a crossroads, seeking answers.

  • Sacrifice of Erwin and Armin
  • Encounter with formidable Titans
  • The consequences of the battle
  • Search for truths among the survivors
  • Anticipation of significant discoveries
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EAN 9782811633325
Authors Hajime Isayama
Publisher Pika
Weight 184 g
Release date -
Volume 21
Number of pages 192
Format 12.0 x 18.0 x 1.7 cm
Shipped From France

Description - Attack on Titan Volume 21: Sacrifices and Discoveries

In this twenty-first volume of Attack on Titan, the stakes have never been higher. The sacrifices of Erwin and Armin, two iconic and beloved figures, have left an indelible mark on their comrades. But these sacrifices were not in vain: the formidable Reiner, Bertolt, and the Beast Titan have been defeated. As the dust of battle settles, the survivors now face a new challenge: to explore and understand the secrets awaiting them. Every step they take might reveal truths that forever change their understanding of the world.

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