Berserk Volume 35: Falconia and the Ghost Ship

Volume 35 of Berserk unveils a metamorphosed world, with Falconia at the center, and a mystic naval threat for Guts and his group.

  • Appearance of monsters and mythical creatures
  • The majestic Falcon capital: Falconia
  • Griffith and his troop in their palace
  • Guts' quest to Skellig Island
  • Confrontation with a legendary ghost ship
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EAN 9782723484077
Authors Kentarō Miura
Publisher Glenat
Weight 185 g
Volume 35
Number of pages 228
Format 13.0 x 18.0 x 2.0 cm
Shipped From France
Remark FR Version

Description - Berserk Volume 35: Falconia and the Ghost Ship

In the thirty-fifth volume of the seinen manga Berserk, Kentarō Miura introduces us to a universe undergoing transformation. The barriers between reality and imagination seem to have faded, giving life to monsters and entities once deemed legendary. Amidst this new reality stands Falconia, the magnificent capital of the Falcon, symbolizing the realization of Griffith's dream. As he and his new band settle in their palace, the outside world continues to evolve unpredictably. Guts, accompanied by his companions, continues his journey to the mysterious island of Skellig, in search of Elf Helm. However, their journey is far from smooth, as they encounter a ghost ship, a legendary maritime entity, heightening suspense and anticipation for upcoming events.

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