Vinland Saga Volume 27: Thorfinn's Quest for Vengeance

Vinland Saga volume 27 recounts the relentless pursuit of Askeladd by Thorfinn, since his father's murder during his childhood.

  • Thorfinn's tragic past
  • Askeladd, the elusive adversary
  • Battles and dangerous missions
  • The transformation of young Thorfinn
  • An unexpected turning point in his quest
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EAN 9782380714333
Authors Makoto Yukimura
Publisher Kurokawa
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Volume 27
Number of pages 208
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Shipped From France
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Description - Vinland Saga Volume 27: Thorfinn's Quest for Vengeance

The twenty-seventh volume of Vinland Saga immerses us in Thorfinn's emotional turmoil. Forever marked by the brutal death of his father at the hands of Askeladd, he is consumed by revenge. Following this cunning warlord to the edges of Viking lands, every battle, every mission has but one goal: to earn the right to a duel to quench his thirst for vengeance. But despite his bravery and combat skills, Askeladd remains elusive, continually playing him. Years of hatred have transformed the young and gentle Thorfinn into a solitary warrior, locked in the chains of his past. However, life, with its twists and surprises, might well offer him a chance to see the world in a new light, far from the shadows of his past.

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