One Piece Volume 30 - Capriccio by Eiichirō Oda

Volume 30 Capriccio of One Piece immerses readers in an intense face-off between Luffy and the mighty Ener, the god of Skypiea.

  • Shonen Manga by Eiichirō Oda
  • Released in France on January 4, 2006
  • 208 pages of thrilling action
  • Format: 11.5 x 18.0 x 1.6 cm
  • The ultimate resistance against a ruthless god
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EAN 9782723494861
Authors Eiichirō Oda
Publisher Glenat
Weight 172 g
Release date Japan October 3, 2003 | France January 4, 2006
Volume 30
Number of pages 208
Format 11.5 x 18.0 x 1.6 cm
Shipped From France

Description - One Piece Volume 30 - Capriccio by Eiichirō Oda

In Capriccio, the 30th volume of One Piece, tension reaches its peak as the threat of Ener looms over Skypiea. With Zoro and Wiper incapacitated, Nami makes a risky decision to serve Ener, only to be confronted by his secret weapon, the Maxim ship. When Luffy finally enters the scene, a twist occurs: unlike everyone else, he is immune to Ener's electric powers due to his rubber nature. However, even without his electric abilities, Ener remains a formidable opponent. The ensuing battle is titanic, with stakes not only for the protagonists but also for all of Skypiea. Ener, determined to destroy the island, unleashes devastating lightning strikes. With the Golden Bell of Shandora at stake and Skypiea's fate in the balance, Luffy and his friends must find a way to thwart Ener's plans and save the island from imminent disaster.

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