Vampire Knight Volume 16 - Pacts, Blood, and Disturbing Secrets

Vampire Knight volume 16 unveils an unexpected pact between Yûki and Zero, surrounded by mysteries and escalating tensions.

  • A revealing blood bond between Yûki and Zero
  • Zero claims to be devoid of emotions
  • Sara attempts to assert herself at Cross Academy
  • Blood tablets cause a stir in town
  • Published by Panini on Nov. 07, 2012
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EAN 9782809427431
Authors Matsuri Hino
Publisher Panini
Weight 158 g
Release date -
Volume 16
Number of pages 180
Format 11.7 x 17.6 x 1.5 cm
Shipped From France
Remark FR version

Description - Vampire Knight Volume 16 - Pacts, Blood, and Disturbing Secrets

The sixteenth volume of Vampire Knight, crafted by the adept Matsuri Hino, delves into the intricate ties between Yûki and Zero, whose paths continue to intersect in unexpected ways. While Zero claims emotional distance, his blood pact with Yûki reveals more than he wished to share. These visions, as unsettling as they are illuminating, prompt Yûki to seek a reconciliation. Meanwhile, Sara, with her deceptive charm, maneuvers for a dominant position within Cross Academy, but her intentions and the consequences of her blood tablets in town foreshadow imminent danger. The volume immerses readers in a mix of mystery, friendship, betrayal, and power, reflecting the ever-changing dynamics of the vampire world.

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