Pluto Volume 4 - The Enigmatic Destruction of Robots

Powerful robots fall one by one in a series of mysterious attacks.

  • Systematic destruction of strong robots
  • Former members of the Bora Commission targeted
  • Case surrounded by numerous mysteries
  • Professor Tenma, Astro's creator, at the center of speculations
  • Thrilling sci-fi suspense
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EAN 9782505009122
Authors Osamu Tezuka, Thibaud Desbief, Takashi Nagasaki, Naoki Urasawa
Publisher Kana
Weight 192 g
Release date -
Volume 4
Number of pages 202
Format 13.0 x 18.0 x 1.4 cm
Shipped From France
Remark FR Version

Description - Pluto Volume 4 - The Enigmatic Destruction of Robots

The mechanical pillars of the contemporary world, the most sophisticated robots, are being dismantled one after the other in a sequence of unexplained events. Not only machines are targeted, but also ex-members of the renowned Bora Commission. These attacks sow confusion, and clues are scarce. In this climate of tension, eyes turn to Professor Tenma, the brain behind Astro's creation. Could he hold the answers to these disturbances? The suspense is palpable, offering readers a science fiction adventure full of twists and turns.

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