One Piece Volume 85 - Liar: Revelations and Confrontations

One Piece Volume 85 unveils the mysteries surrounding Sanji's strategic marriage to Pudding, blending betrayals and arduous battles.

  • Revelations about Sanji and Pudding's Marriage
  • The Mirror World and Chopper and Carrot's Daring Plan
  • Brook Faces the Formidable Big Mom
  • Pedro vs. Baron Tamago: An Old Grudge
  • The Concerning State of Vinsmoke Reiju
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EAN 9782344027509
Authors Eiichirō Oda
Publisher Glenat
Weight 162 g
Release date Japan: May 2, 2017 | France: January 3, 2018
Volume 85
Number of pages 192
Format 11.5 x 18.0 x 1.4 cm
Shipped From France

Description - One Piece Volume 85 - Liar: Revelations and Confrontations

One Piece Volume 85, titled Liar, offers readers a dramatic escalation of events. Sanji, the loyal cook of the crew, is caught in a whirlwind of betrayals and shocking discoveries regarding his arranged marriage to Pudding. Tension rises as the Vinsmoke Family discusses the future of the betrothed. Meanwhile, in the Mirror World, Chopper and Carrot orchestrate a bold plan to neutralize Charlotte Brûlée and her gang. Brave Brook finds himself in a precarious situation, facing the immense power of Big Mom in Whole Cake Castle, while Pedro revisits an old feud by confronting Baron Tamago. Amid these confrontations, the fate of the gravely wounded Vinsmoke Reiju adds emotional depth to this thrilling volume.

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