One Piece Volume 50 - Back Against the Wall Again by Eiichirō Oda

Volume 50 of One Piece sees Luffy and his crew facing unprecedented challenges as the epic battle of Thriller Bark reaches its climax and new challenges loom on the horizon.

  • Luffy confronted with a Moria powered by 1,000 shadows.
  • The ominous appearance of Kuma and Zoro's sacrifice.
  • Brook's moving story and the promise to the Rumbar Pirates.
  • A special gift from Lola to Nami and a revelation about Ace.
  • Meeting with a mermaid, Camie, and a new mission to save the boss.
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EAN 9782344001943
Authors Eiichirō Oda
Publisher Glenat
Weight 170 g
Release date Japan: June 4, 2008 | France: July 1, 2009
Volume 50
Number of pages 208
Format 11.5 x 18.0 x 1.5 cm
Shipped From France

Description - One Piece Volume 50 - Back Against the Wall Again by Eiichirō Oda

The fiftieth volume of One Piece opens with a titanic showdown between Luffy and Moria, the latter having absorbed the power of a thousand shadows to amplify his strength. The battle at Thriller Bark reaches its climax and tests the limits of the Straw Hat crew. The appearance of Kuma heightens the danger, prompting Zoro to make a sacrificial choice to save his captain. Brook, the skeletal musician, reveals his painful past connected to Laboon the whale and his promise to bring back a heartfelt melody. The crew's journey then leads them to the Red Line, where an encounter with a mermaid named Camie leads to new adventures and challenges for Luffy and his friends. This volume is a blend of fierce battles, camaraderie, revelations, and new adventures that further strengthen Luffy's journey toward the ultimate treasure, the One Piece.

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