My Hero Academia Collector's Edition Volume 3 - All Might by Kōhei Horikoshi

Volume 3 of My Hero Academia focuses on the iconic character All Might, further enriching the heroic epic of the series.

  • Type: Single B&W Album
  • Collection: Collector's Edition
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Release date: June 09, 2016
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EAN 9782355929724
Authors Kōhei Horikoshi
Publisher Ki-Oon
Weight 180 g
Release date Japan April 3, 2015 | France June 9, 2016
Volume 3
Number of pages 192
Format 11.9 x 17.6 x 1.7 cm
Shipped From France

Description - My Hero Academia Collector's Edition Volume 3 - All Might by Kōhei Horikoshi

The third volume of My Hero Academia, titled All Might, is a major work by the mangaka Kōhei Horikoshi, published by Ki-Oon. This volume is part of the prestigious Collector's collection and is presented in a simple B&W album format. With its 192 pages, this volume sheds new light on All Might, a central character in the universe.

In this thrilling third tome of My Hero Academia entitled "All Might," readers find the young Deku, or Izuku Midoriya, facing the formidable aptitude tests of Eraserhead. Against all odds, Deku manages to channel the power of One for All into a single finger, thus avoiding imminent expulsion from the academy. Although he is last in the ranking with only one superhuman performance to his credit, Deku is determined to give his best to progress.

The opportunity for Deku to demonstrate his abilities soon arises as his training to become a superhero finally begins. However, a sudden turn of events interrupts the rescue training when a horde of supervillains invades the SCA with the intention of eliminating the symbol of peace, All Might. The students of Class 2-A, scattered throughout the area, put up a fierce resistance against the enemy while waiting for All Might's arrival.

The tension reaches its climax when All Might appears, having only a few minutes to defeat Brainless before losing his heroic form. Time is of the essence, and the ensuing battle is as epic as it is uncertain. With the help of the brave students of Class 2-A, All Might engages in a fierce battle against the supervillains.

Just as the confrontation seems at a deadlock, All Might, demonstrating unparalleled power and determination, overcomes obstacles and defeats the enemies with the help of the students. The defeated supervillains are forced to retreat, leaving behind a mixture of relief and anticipation.

A few days after this intense confrontation, attention turns to the famous annual Yuei championship, where the students of Class 2-A are once again immersed in competition. However, their growing reputation attracts as many admirers as rivals, adding a new dimension to their challenges. This volume not only depicts heroic battles but also explores the complex dynamics and relationships among the aspiring hero students.

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