Bride Stories Volume 9: Rebirth After Adversity

Following a devastating attack, Pariya's village and life are in full resurgence, with challenges to overcome and hopes to renew.

  • Theme: Josei
  • Author: Kaoru Mori
  • Publisher: Ki-Oon
  • Destruction and reconstruction
  • Pariya seeks to evolve
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EAN 9791032700617
Authors Kaoru Mori
Publisher Ki-Oon
Weight 443 g
Volume 9
Number of pages 240
Format 17.1 x 24.0 x 2.0 cm
Shipped From France
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Description - Bride Stories Volume 9: Rebirth After Adversity

The 9th volume of Bride Stories highlights the resilience of a village and its inhabitants in the face of tragedy. The Hargal attack left indelible marks, among them, the loss of Pariya's precious dowry. With the wedding on hold, the young girl stands at a crossroads, seeking to rebuild not only her life but also her identity. Umar's and his father's arrival offers a glimmer of hope for the village and for Pariya. Determined to transform and inspired by Kamola, she embarks on an inner journey. Every step, every effort, distances her from her past insecurities and brings her closer to her future.

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