Gunnm Volume 1: The Birth of Gally, the Warrior

Volume 1 of Gunnm introduces Gally, the mysterious android from the Scrapyard, endowed with the Panzer Kunst martial art.

  • Created by Yukito Kishiro
  • Published by Glenat
  • Discovery in the Scrapyard
  • Refurbishment by Ido, the cyberneticist
  • The combat technique Panzer Kunst
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EAN 9782344017548
Authors Yukito Kishiro
Publisher Glenat
Weight 192 g
Volume 1
Number of pages 224
Format 13.0 x 18.0 x 1.5 cm
Shipped From France
Remark FR version

Description - Gunnm Volume 1: The Birth of Gally, the Warrior

In the vast world of Gunnm, the Scrapyard serves as a home to many hidden treasures, of which the most mysterious is Gally. This first volume introduces us to this android, found amidst the mountains of garbage of Zalem, the great suspended city. Ido, a talented bio-mechanic, discovers her and gives her a new lease on life by building her a new body. However, despite this new appearance, Gally cannot hide her true nature. She is a warrior, trained in the ancient art of Panzer Kunst. While her memories remain veiled, her fighter instinct remains lively. A rich and profound story that promises many twists and turns, all beautifully orchestrated by Yukito Kishiro and published by Glenat.

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