Berserk Volume 10: Broken Destinies and Mutual Oaths

Griffith imprisoned following a scandalous affair, the Falcon troop struggles to survive in a hostile world.

  • Condemnation of Griffith
  • The Falcon troop hunted
  • Guts' return to help
  • Revelation between Casca and Guts
  • A painful past brought to light
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EAN 9782723451000
Authors Kentarō Miura
Publisher Glenat
Weight 190 g
Volume 10
Number of pages 240
Format 13.0 x 18.0 x 1.8 cm
Shipped From France
Remark FR Version

Description - Berserk Volume 10: Broken Destinies and Mutual Oaths

In this tenth volume of Berserk, fate seems to be relentlessly pursuing the Falcon troop. Griffith, their charismatic leader, is imprisoned because of his forbidden relationship with Princess Charlotte, provoking the wrath of the King of Midland. Meanwhile, without its leader, the troop is chased and besieged by the forces of Midland. Throughout this tumultuous year, under Casca's leadership, the troop's cohesion is maintained. The bond among the soldiers deepens, transforming them into a true family united by the same goal: saving Griffith. However, the return of Guts to the scene injects new hope into their ranks. It's a race against time to save their leader from his torments, but the universe of Berserk doesn't allow for easy victories. This volume showcases themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and the harsh realities of medieval warfare.

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