Bandai - Legendary Pokémon Figure Lugia 30 cm

Lugia, the legendary second-generation Pokémon, comes to life as a 30 cm articulated figure crafted by Bandai.

  • 30 cm figure showcasing Lugia
  • A character that's unique, without evolution
  • Featured in multiple games including Pokémon Silver SoulSilver
  • High-quality articulation for dynamic posing
  • An iconic addition to any Pokémon collection
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Brand Bandai

Description - Bandai - Legendary Pokémon Figure Lugia 30 cm

The majesty of Lugia, the legendary flying Pokémon from the second generation, is beautifully captured in this 30 cm articulated figure by Bandai. Lugia, known for its leading role in titles like Pokémon Silver and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, stands as a peerless creature, without any evolution. This piece not only serves as a reminder of its legendary status but also pays tribute to its unique design. Pokémon enthusiasts will appreciate the detailed accuracy and articulation of the figure, enabling a variety of poses. It's an essential piece for collectors, echoing the vast Pokémon universe and the special place Lugia holds within it.

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