My Hero Academia Collector's Edition Volume 14 - Revision

My Hero Academia Volume 14, titled Revisions, takes you on new adventures with the students of U.A. Academy.

  • Author: Kōhei Horikoshi
  • Publisher: Ki-Oon
  • Volume: 14/37
  • Number of pages: 208
  • Weight: 190 grams
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EAN 9791032702727
Authors Kōhei Horikoshi
Publisher Ki-Oon
Weight 190 g
Release date Japan: June 2, 2017 | France: July 5, 2018
Volume 14
Number of pages 208
Format 11.9 x 17.6 x 1.8 cm
Shipped From France

Description - My Hero Academia Collector's Edition Volume 14 - Revision

In "My Hero Academia Volume 14 - Revisions", readers are thrust into a world where urgency and action guide the narrative. Surrounded by the Genesis Squadron, the students of classes 2-A and 2-B find themselves in a precarious situation, trying to escape their foes while their teachers strive to protect them. Facing imminent danger, Eraser Head makes the pivotal decision to authorize the students to use their Alters, marking the onset of an intense confrontation.

Following the defeat of Muscular by Izuku, two more enemies are vanquished, yet the tension continues to escalate. Katsuki, the target of the assault, is captured by a mysterious supervillain, and Fumikage has also gone missing. The lingering question is: will their classmates manage to save them? This volume introduces the new generation of Shonen Jump superheroes, adding a fresh dimension to the already rich universe of the series.

The end of the summer vacation marks a new beginning for the students of Yuei. Even before classes resume, a longstanding dispute between Izuku and Katsuki needs to be settled. The resolution of this conflict could bring them a step closer to their superhero destinies, but challenges continue to mount. Intensive studies and newfound responsibilities bring them closer to their goal but also to peril and, potentially, their downfall.

Volume 14 not only explores the external challenges faced by the students but also delves into internal conflicts and relationships among them. Each page uncovers more about their characters, ambitions, and struggles, making this volume an essential addition to the series. Both fans and new readers will find in "My Hero Academia - Revisions" a captivating tale that combines action, character development, and suspense, all set in a world where the battle between good and evil takes an epic turn.

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