Show-Ha Shoten in Conquest: Akinari Asakura and Takeshi Obata Make Waves in France and Belgium

As the manga Show-Ha Shoten continues to captivate readers worldwide, its esteemed authors, Akinari Asakura and Takeshi Obata, embark on a remarkable tour of France and Belgium. This East-meets-West encounter presents a unique opportunity for fans to delve into the rich world of this masterpiece while uncovering the behind-the-scenes of its inception. Let's together explore the impact of this series and the intriguing details of the tour that's electrifying both nations. Manga enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an extraordinary journey into the heart of Show-Ha Shoten!

Show-Ha Shoten in Conquest: Akinari Asakura and Takeshi Obata Make Waves in France and Belgium
Show-Ha Shoten in Conquest: Akinari Asakura and Takeshi Obata Make Waves in France and Belgium


The manga landscape is witnessing a fresh era of rejuvenation with the emergence of standout works. At the forefront of this revolution are two distinguished figures, forming a dynamic duo: Akinari Asakura and Takeshi Obata.

Asakura, a gifted storyteller, brings a novel narrative perspective, while Obata, already famed for his major titles like "Death Note" and "Bakuman," offers his artistic expertise. Together, they birthed "Show-Ha Shoten", a creation that, in a short span, has won over both critics and fans, quickly becoming a beacon in the manga universe, especially in France and Belgium.

1. The Genesis of Show-Ha Shoten

Behind every successful manga lies a story, a genesis reflecting the passion, dedication, and sometimes challenges faced by its creators. Show-Ha Shoten is no exception. Let's dive into the origins of this work that quickly became iconic.

1.1. From Humble Beginnings to International Acclaim

It all started in 2021, with the debut of Show-Ha Shoten in the renowned Jump SQ magazine by the publisher Shūeisha. Right from its inception, the manga made a strong impression, blending mesmerizing storytelling with striking illustrations. With five volumes already published in Japan in a relatively short time, it was clear that Show-Ha Shoten was on a trajectory to success.

1.2. A Warm Reception in France and Belgium

France and Belgium, two countries with a rich comic tradition, swiftly embraced Show-Ha Shoten as one of their own. Bookstores, always on the lookout for the next big hit, were quick to spotlight this work, echoing the rising demand from fans.

2. The Significance of the Book Signing Tour

When authors of the caliber of Akinari Asakura and Takeshi Obata decide to embark on a tour, it's no mere coincidence. This decision is a strategic choice, a commitment to their fans, and an effort to bolster the tangible presence of their work in the French-speaking world.

2.1. Outreach Strategy: Beyond the Pages

This expansive book signing tour is part of a clear vision aimed at strengthening and broadening the reach of Show-Ha Shoten among a diverse and passionate audience. France and Belgium, with their longstanding love affair with graphic novels and manga, are fertile grounds for such events. By meeting their fans in person, the authors do more than just promote their work; they also forge a deep personal connection with their audience, further cementing the bond to Show-Ha Shoten.

2.2. Tangible Anticipation: The Buzz Surrounding the Signing Sessions

The streets of Paris, Le Mans, and even Brussels are alive with a unique energy as the signing sessions draw near. Heated discussions in bookstores and posts on social media attest to the fevered anticipation surrounding these events. For many, meeting Akinari Asakura and Takeshi Obata isn't just about getting a signature. It's also a chance to share, if only for a moment, an experience with the creative minds behind a work that has deeply touched them.

2.3. Session Distribution: Spotlight on France and Belgium

The tour kicks off in France, with sessions in Paris and Le Mans. The choice of these cities is strategic: Paris, as a cultural capital, is a must-visit, while Le Mans, with its dedicated audience, offers a more intimate setting. Belgium, on the other hand, will welcome the authors in Brussels for two unforgettable sessions.

3. Spotlight on Takeshi Obata

Takeshi Obata, a name no stranger to European bookshelves, continues to astonish and win the hearts of manga enthusiasts across the continent. Since his debut, his undeniable talent has birthed iconic works that are today regarded as classics in Europe. The pairing of this drawing maestro with the writer Akinari Asakura has led to an unparalleled creative dynamic, signaling a new era in the manga landscape.

3.1. A Fame that Crosses Borders

From his moving stories to his detailed and expressive drawings, Obata has captured the essence of what makes manga so special. Every release is eagerly anticipated, and each publication is met with an ever-growing excitement. The shelves of French and Belgian bookstores bear witness to this admiration, with every volume bearing Obata's signature being a mark of quality.

3.2. An Innovative Collaboration with Akinari Asakura

The meeting of Takeshi Obata and Akinari Asakura was, undoubtedly, one of the standout moments in the manga world. While Obata excels in the visual translation of emotions and storylines, Asakura, with his storytelling prowess, brought narrative depth to their shared creations. Show-Ha Shoten is the perfect example of this symbiosis: a gripping tale elevated by stunning artwork. The complementarity of their skills not only enhanced the story but also set new standards for future collaborations in the industry.

4. What to Expect Next?

With the resounding success of Akinari Asakura and Takeshi Obata's Francophone tour, one naturally wonders: what's next? The dynamic duo, riding high on the fame of Show-Ha Shoten, drops hints about what might be on the horizon.

4.1. More Dates on the Horizon?

The acclaim that the recent tour has garnered could very well be the precursor to further appearances in Europe. Although nothing has been officially announced, the fervor of fans and increasing demand might persuade the authors to consider additional cities, perhaps even other countries. Manga festivals, conventions, and other cultural events could be ideal platforms for future encounters between the authors and their audience.

4.2. The Bright Future of Show-Ha Shoten

With such success, it would be surprising if Show-Ha Shoten were to stop here. Rumors are already circulating regarding potential spin-offs or side stories that could enrich the series' already vast universe. Moreover, considering the magic stemming from the collaboration between Asakura and Obata, it would be thrilling to see the duo dive into new projects. Perhaps a different genre or a novel narrative approach that will once again captivate the audience.

5. Practical Information

The autograph sessions with Akinari Asakura & Takeshi Obata in French-speaking territories are a must-attend event for manga aficionados. To ensure you don't miss out on this highlight, find the detailed schedule below so you can plan your visit:

5.1. Le Mans

  • Date: Thursday, September 28
  • Location: Bulle Bookstore
  • Time: From 5:15 pm to 7:15 pm
  • Terms: First come, first served.

5.2. Paris

  • Date: Friday, September 29
  • Location: 5th District City Hall in collaboration with Le Renard Doré
  • Time: From 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Terms: By registration through Le Renard Doré.

5.3. Brussels (Session 1)

  • Date: Monday, October 2
  • Location: Filigranes Bookstore
  • Time: From 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Terms: By registration through Filigranes Bookstore.

5.4. Brussels (Session 2)

  • Date: Tuesday, October 3
  • Location: Multi BD Bookstore
  • Time: From 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Terms: By registration through Multi BD Bookstore.

For sessions that require registration, do not hesitate to contact the mentioned bookstores directly, whether on social media or in-store.


The Show-Ha Shoten tour, in these two French-speaking countries, underscores how mangas, championed by talents like Akinari Asakura and Takeshi Obata, bring fans together globally around a shared passion. Each purchase, each autograph session, and each social share bolster this artistic industry. Engaging with Show-Ha Shoten isn't just about reading a manga; it's about embracing a cultural journey, thus supporting an art form that entertains, moves, and inspires.

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