Haikyu!! FINAL": Anticipation and Expectations for the Anime's Conclusion

The curtain is rising on the final act of the " Haikyu!! " epic, sparking a wave of anticipation and excitement among the fan community in France and around the entire world. "Haikyu!! FINAL", the two-part cinematic conclusion to this iconic Japanese animation saga, is gradually revealing itself, fueling conversations and speculations within the anime universe. With exclusive revelations regarding the director, screenwriter, and narrative arc, along with a series of exceptional events to mark its launch, the film promises to reignite the flame of love for volleyball among aficionados of the genre. Join us in exploring the twists, expectations, and impact of "Haikyu!! FINAL" in the French anime landscape.

Haikyu!! FINAL": Anticipation and Expectations for the Anime's Conclusion
Haikyu!! FINAL": Anticipation and Expectations for the Anime's Conclusion


From the very first notes of the theme song, "Haikyu!!", the sports anime phenomenon, has captured the hearts of anime fans. Centered around the dynamic and passionate Shoyo Hinata and the talented but arrogant Tobio Kageyama, the story immerses us in the thrilling world of high school volleyball, where rivalries, friendships, and unexpected challenges forge heroes.

Excitement reached its peak when the creators announced the imminent end of this epic adventure not through an additional season, but through two conclusive films: "Haikyu!! FINAL Part 1 and Part 2". This bold announcement promised fans a spectacular denouement, bringing together everything the series had to offer at its best.

This announcement, coming in a context of anticipation and speculation, was met with a mix of emotion and surprise. Fans, although delighted to be reunited with their favorite characters, genuinely wonder whether these two films will do justice to the scope of the story.

1. The Announcement of "Haikyu!! FINAL" the Movie

The announcement of "Haikyu!! FINAL" has opened a new chapter in the manga's history, revealing a series of tantalizing details and raising a wave of questions and expectations among the fan community.

1.1. Change of Format: Films Rather Than a New Season

The creative boldness behind the decision to conclude the epic saga of "Haikyu!!" in cinema, with two films rather than a new season, has sparked keen interest. This choice intrigues, shakes up expectations, and demonstrates a desire to break new ground to offer fans a unique and memorable experience.

In the face of this change of direction, voices have been raised within the community. The main concern? Condensing more than a hundred chapters into two films, a delicate task that brings into play the balance between fidelity to the original work and the narrative necessities of the cinematic format.

1.2. Haikyu!! Festa 2023: The Information Revealed

Haikyu!! Festa 2023 was the venue for major revelations, notably the announcement of Susumu Mitsunaka as the director and screenwriter of the project. Known for his work on the previous seasons of the series, Mitsunaka represents a guarantee of quality and continuity, reassuring fans about the coherence and depth of the narrative.

This event also unveiled key elements of the anticipated content and set the date for the first film on February 16, 2024. These announcements have reignited enthusiasm, thus fueling discussions and speculations about what "Haikyu!! FINAL" holds.

2. Launch & Promotion of "Haikyu!! FINAL"

The anticipation surrounding "Haikyu!! FINAL" is palpable, and to fuel this excitement, an unprecedented series of launch events and promotions have been organized. These initiatives aim not only to create a buzz around the movie but also to strengthen the connection between the franchise and its fan community.

2.1. A Special Haikyu!! Day on YouTube

In a burst of promotional creativity, the studios organized a special Haikyu!! day dedicated to fans, streamed live on the TOHOanimation YouTube channel. This virtual event brought the community together, offering an exclusive glimpse and unprecedented closeness with the actors and creators.

The schedule for this day was rich and diverse, featuring eight members of the cast. From livestreams to ceremonies, every moment was designed to immerse fans in the world of Haikyu!!, and each revelation sparked new waves of excitement and speculation.

2.2. A Dedicated Show Scheduled for September 24

In addition to the special day, a show was announced for September 24, adding another dimension to the promotional campaign. This event promises to be an immersive experience, combining the best of theater and anime to offer something unique and memorable.


At the crossroads of passion and anticipation, we are about to experience the long-awaited conclusion of one of the most beloved animated series. By summarizing the key information and significant events surrounding "Haikyu!! FINAL", we can gauge the scale of the anticipation and hopes placed in this memorable ending.

A journey through announcements, format changes, and special events has brought us to the dawn of a new era for Haikyu!!. The decision to conclude the series with two films has certainly sown a wind of concern, but also fueled the flame of enthusiasm among fans.

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