Berserk Volume 8: The Assault on Dordray Fortress

The fortress of Dordray is reputed impregnable, but the Falcon troop, under Griffith's ingenious strategy, prepares for an epic assault.

  • Intense medieval context
  • Griffith and his brilliant strategy
  • Confrontation with the holy order of the armored rhinoceros
  • Casca takes the lead
  • Crucial moment of the century-long war
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EAN 9782723450980
Authors Kentarō Miura
Publisher Glenat
Weight 195 g
Volume 8
Number of pages 240
Format 13.0 x 18.0 x 2.0 cm
Shipped From France
Remark FR Version

Description - Berserk Volume 8: The Assault on Dordray Fortress

The eighth volume of Berserk transports readers to a medieval era marked by endless conflicts and battles. At the heart of these maelstroms of war stands the Falcon troop, an elite group led by the charismatic Griffith. Their feats on the battlefield have already echoed through the kingdoms, but they face their most formidable challenge yet: Dordray fortress. With a thought-out strategy, Griffith uses the enemy's forces to his advantage, luring the dreaded holy order of the rhino parme away from their posts. Meanwhile, Casca and a chosen team discreetly infiltrate the fortress, setting in motion a series of events that could change the course of the war. This volume not only depicts military strategy and combat but also the depth of relationships and the sacrifices made in the name of victory.

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