Attack on Titan Volume 2: Human Counterattack

Humanity fights back in Volume 2 of Attack on Titan, where survival is the watchword in a world under siege.

  • Struggle for survival against the titans
  • The few survivors in a fortified city
  • Eren, traumatized, seeks revenge
  • Secrets surrounding the origin of the titans
  • An epic journey through the eyes of the elite squad
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EAN 9782811611705
Authors Hajime Isayama
Publisher Pika
Weight 188 g
Release date -
Volume 2
Number of pages 192
Format 12.1 x 18.0 x 1.5 cm
Shipped From France

Description - Attack on Titan Volume 2: Human Counterattack

In volume 2 of Attack on Titan, humanity's retaliation intensifies. Living in a terrifying world dominated by man-eating titans, the last remnants of humanity have retreated behind powerful fortifications to escape these monsters. But the desire for freedom still burns. Eren, having seen his mother fall victim to these creatures, is determined to join the elite corps. His goal: to uncover the hidden truth behind these titans and eliminate them one by one. A journey filled with danger, mysteries, and intense emotions awaits readers in this captivating chapter of the story.

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