Greninja Quajutsu 10cm Figurine - Official Jazwares License

The 10cm Greninja Quajutsu figurine showcases the Water-Dark Pokémon, an official edition by Jazwares.

  • Official Jazwares License
  • Greninja: evolved from Frogadier
  • Water-Dark Type from Generation VI
  • Perfect for intense battles
  • Great gift for Pokémon enthusiasts
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Description - Greninja Quajutsu 10cm Figurine - Official Jazwares License

Original and finely detailed, the Greninja Quajutsu figurine is a premium-quality product under the official Jazwares license. Representing Greninja, a Water-Dark Pokémon from Generation VI, this figurine brings to life the power and strategy of Pokémon battles. Greninja, evolving from Frogadier, is beloved for its unique design and its position in the Pokémon series. Standing at 10cm, it's ideal for recreating some of the most intense and epic Pokémon battles. Furthermore, its licensed design ensures authenticity and true character representation. Whether you're an avid collector or looking for the perfect gift for a Pokémon fan, this Greninja figurine is sure to impress.

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